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Are you looking for a Louisiana-based motivational speaker? A one-on-one success coach? Or, someone in Louisiana whose expertise in resume writing is outstanding?

"Thank you for holding our feet to the fire. We need that." That's what a client once again said about the goal planning session Carol Pierce presented for that organization and Carol's continuing follow-up to that session.

"My resume has never looked this professional...All I can say is you're the best!" states Brandi Milazzo about the work she hired Carol Pierce to do for her.

"I feel like I have a million bucks in my back pocket" is how Oliver Bell, Jr. describes the results Carol Pierce created with his resume project. "The cover letter is perfect...My resume is what I wanted/needed..."

Are you wanting to hire someone who has over 40 years experience helping people achieve what they really want...who will provide you practical, cost-effective, eye-opening solutions to what the real problems are instead of what they appear to be... and who lives what she teaches. Call 225-474-4923 to schedule an appointment today.

Internationally renown management expert Tom Peters states, "Carol Pierce offers a philosophy I totally agree with...and she's honed it in the school of hard knocks."

To purchase a copy of Carol Pierce's book Jump Now which prompted Tom Peters to say that about Carol, click here.

Find out how to set yourself apart when applying for a job. Click here to listen as Jump Now Author/Success Coach Carol Pierce shares important tips on Newstalk Radio 1150 WJBO's Morning News with Karen and Kevin.

Find out why the resume Carol Pierce created for one Success Now client helped him to be selected from several hundred other applicants so he could land the job he really wanted.

Discover why another Success Now client said, "Thank you for your insight and your support...and for turning my resume into something spectacular!" after she was hired for that full time administrative job in health care she really wanted.

Learn why this Success Now client said the following after hiring Carol Pierce to create a professional resume for the management level position he wanted:

"I have a second interview tomorrow...thank you for helping me dig up my past accomplishments. I had forgotten how much experience I had and how valuable it is." Bob C.

and this Success Now client who landed an interview with one of the largest employers in the area within 2 weeks of Carol Pierce completing her resume project said, "Thanks again for helping me bring to light...all those years of day-to-day work on projects I took for granted, causing me to realize how valuable my work actually is."

Make that jump now! Call 225-474-4923. Discover the many ways Carol Pierce can help you get what you really want.

"You show me what courage really looks like...You show me how not to be afraid to be who I am...You teach others how to love themselves all over again or in some cases for the first time. You teach them how to take the courageous steps that will improve their lives and many cases, save their lives...Your gift is that you are willing to tell it and teach it."
Monica Pierre, Emmy Award winning journalist, performer, entrepreneur

Learn the simple steps to getting paid to do what you really love, to leading a happy, peace-filled life, or to gathering the courage to finally walk away from that personal or professional relationship slowly destroying you. Find out how to apply the Jump Now steps Carol Pierce discusses in both Jump Now, Look Later and with Eatel Community Connections TV Talk Show Host Jenny Heroman.

Lead a much happier, less stressful life both at work and at home...

Get paid to do what you really love...

Run your business in a smarter, more cost effective manner...

Create a top quality book people don't want to put down...or a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd...

Learn how to believe in yourself again and have that life you've always wanted!

Hire Carol Pierce today to learn how to turn your own personal and professional life around completely to lead that much happier, less stressful, much more successful life she has learned to live.

Why wait any longer? Contact Success Now today. Hire Carol to present that motivational or training program your business or organization needs to gain more success with a lot less stress than you ever thought possible.

Schedule a consulting or private one-on-one coaching session which fits your budget, your schedule, and your specific needs.

Need help knowing how to create a professional quality book? Call 225-474-4923 to find out if Carol's book consulting services are a good fit for you.

Or buy a copy of Jump Now as a gift for yourself or someone who wants to learn how to have that more successful, less stressful life or business.

Mike Marino, Jr. writes, "I invited (my friend Phil Landry) to attend the Cancer Survival Brunch when you were the speaker...He read your book Jump Now many times... He really liked reading your book over and over. The throat cancer came back, and he passed away at his home. Phil was 67. He told me the book came thirty years too late. Please keep speaking and writing because it may not be too late for others."

Yes, you can have what you really want. Quit allowing fear to stand in the way. Learn how to have courage and confidence take over instead. Scroll down to discover the many ways Carol Pierce can teach you or your organization how to make that jump now to get what you really want.

Find out how to build that trusting, positive environment that's more important than ever to succeed in today's world. Identify what the real problems are instead of what they falsely appear to be. Discover practical, common sense ways you can immediately begin to

. Turn what seems so negative into positives,
. Communicate more effectively, especially non-verbally and in writing,
. Work better together,
. Become better organized,
. Spend time and money more wisely,
. Create a less stressful, more pleasant, more productive environment,
. Use available resources in a wiser, more effective, more profitable way,
. Finally get paid to do what you love doing in a much more rewarding manner!

Listen as Carol shares part of her Jump Now philosophy with Host Al Carter live on Houma Live! in her segment "The Positive Lesson of the Day in the University of Life."

Discover positive, practical, cost-effective solutions you can put to work right now in your business, your organization, or even in your life so you can have more success with a heck of a lot less stress. Call Carol Pierce to discuss your needs today.

Success Now Keynotes/Workshops/Training Programs

Are you asking yourself, "Why hire Carol Pierce for my next program or workshop?"

Or, are you wondering, "Why is it worth my time, my energy, or my money to attend one of her programs?"

Here's what others have to say:

"We can definitely tell that your talk has made a difference!" stated Dr. Amy Grayson of Dutchtown Animal Hospital as she described the positive results her staff was already producing within just a week of their participating in the training program Carol Pierce provided on Improving Client Relations.

"Gosh, those three hours just flew by!" exclaimed one small business owner as Carol Pierce concluded the highly interactive Effective Business Communications Workshop specifically designed to teach that particular group of small business owners how to operate their businesses in a wiser, more cost-effective, more profitable manner.

"personal touch specific to my needs," "lots of information covered in such a short time, but still easy to follow...""well-versed," "genuine,"...beams confidence..."

That's what attendees had to say about Carol Pierce's book publishing workshop for the River Region Art Association. "I love how my questions were answered in the first couple of hours," added Sasha Savoy, author of Romance in a Glance, about the day-long, interactive program.

"Thank you so much for saying what they had to hear!" exclaimed everyone from the top administrators to the faculty and parents following Carol Pierce's commencement address to the graduates of South Louisiana Technical College's Lafourche Campus as Carol explained what employees really want from today's workforce.

"We are indebted to you. Thanks you so much...the audience (for the EJGH Cancer Survivor Brunch) loved you," states East Jefferson General Hospital Foundation Executive Director Stan Maher, CFRE, following Carol Pierce's motivational presentation to cancer survivors and their families.

"...a pleasure talking to you today!...looking forward to your dynamic speech. Given your level of preparedness and inquiry, I know that the 4-H Agents will be inspired and moved by your message." Dr. Janet Fox, LSU Ag Center 4-H Youth Development

That's how Dr. Janet Fox describes working with Jump Now Author Carol Pierce, keynote speaker for the Louisiana Association of Extension 4-H Agents State Conference.

"I really appreciate your flexibility." That's how Bianca Roberts, Tangipahoa Parish Library Assistant Director, described working with Carol Pierce on resolving a last minute program change concerning Carol's presentation for this year's Tangipahoa Library Book Festival.

Click here to discover the diverse range of topics Louisiana-based Motivational Speaker/Workshop Presenter Carol Pierce can customize or even combine to fit the specific needs of your group or your organization, whether you're needing a motivational, staff development, leadership, or supervisory training program.

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Success Now Consulting/One-on-One Coaching

Are you facing major challenges in your business or in your life but aren't quite sure what the real problem is or how to correct it?

Do you want to get rid of those obstacles blocking you from getting what you really want, but you aren't sure in what direction to really head?

Would you like help from someone who understands what you're facing, has walked in similar shoes, truly believes in you and is willing to provide the encouragement and support needed every step of the way?

Carol Pierce's Success Now One-on-One Coaching Program is not for everyone. It's only for those who are more than willing to take full responsibility for themselves and who are more than willing to apply what does work.

As a Success Now coaching client, Carol Pierce holds you to very high standards and requires you to be accountable for the goals you set for yourself.

You must want to be a success so badly that you choose to participate, are more than willing to invest in Carol Pierce's services on the level required, and are willing to do all that's necessary on your end to apply recommendations guaranteed to work...if you apply them!

Success Coach Carol Pierce does not fear being brutally honest with you when it's critical you face that truth you know deep inside is true but may not have wanted to face or no one has been courageous enough to share with you.

When you choose to work with Carol Pierce, you'll discover the real reason Carol continues to do like she has seen her own dad model for her over his entire life...make the seemingly impossible possible. More importantly, you'll learn how to apply that Jump Now philosophy to overcome those obstacles trying to keep you from achieving what you really want in your personal or professional life.

Find out how you can do like the Success Now client who achieved his most important business goal faster than he thought possible. Wanting to move to a completely new area, he contacted the realtor Carol recommended. Not only did he quickly find a place he really wanted at a truly affordable price, but he has since re-located his business there. Or be like the client who landed a major consulting contract within just a few weeks after applying Carol Pierce's recommendations.

Facing severe stress and deep frustration, those Success Now clients eagerly sought Carol Pierce's business coaching advice and continue applying it. No longer allowing tales about a bleak economy or other countless challenges to get in their way, their businesses continue to prosper in a wiser, much less stressful, more profitable manner!

Hear what these Success Now business coaching clients have to say through their own unsolicited comments:

"Thank you so much for your support, especially during the last 3 months..."

"Thank you for being such a great mentor..."

"You've really kept me pumped up through all this..."

Why allow negativity, stress or any other obstacle to stand in your way any longer? Jump Now! Take charge once again.

Discover what really needs to change. Learn practical, common sense strategies that can work for you, too. Get the know-how, the encouragement, and the support you need to overcome those problems keeping you from getting what you really want. Contact Louisiana-based Success Coach Carol Pierce today.

"You can have all the know-how you want, all the resources you want, and the motivation, but until you have confidence in what you are striving for, it won't do you any good." Carol Pierce, "Teaching Success," The Courier.

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Success Now Books

Don't allow obstacles to stop you from going after what you really want. As you read Jump Now, discover how Hank Holland refused to allow doubt and fear to get in his way. Despite his having cerebral palsy, Hank Holland still applies the Jump Now philosophy to his life and continues making the seemingly impossible possible. Read about his amazing successes in the art world in just 3 short years and his future plans.

"Reading Jump Now, Look Later motivated me to say 'I can do it.' It got me going. Put me on the list for your sequel...I'm one of your fans!" stated Alvin Batiste when speaking of Jump Now's powerful impact on his growing career as a highly sought after Louisiana primitive artist.

The Success Now series of books by Louisiana Author Carol Pierce teaches you how to gain that same courage and confidence Hank Holland and Alvin Batiste now have and you need to achieve what you really want. Find out how to lead a much happier, less stressful life. Discover how to get paid to do what you love to do. Learn how to create a book that sells itself.

Why wait? Jump now to order your copy of Jump Now, Look Later: New Ways to Beat Your Fears today.

Discover how to apply the 8 Jump Now steps to finally get what you really want in your own life personally and professionally.

Here's what Louisiana Artist Hank Holland has to say about applying those 8 Jump Now steps to his own life, "I JUMPED NOW. I AIN'T LOOKING BACK!!! Happier then ever...Thanks for Everything, My Favorite Teacher!!"

"My advice is guaranteed to work for you just as it continues to work for Hank Holland," explains Carol Pierce, " . . . when you apply it!"

When you feel more than ready and are completely determined to get what you really want in your business, your organization, or your life, contact Carol Pierce.

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Success Now Book Publishing Consulting Services

Congratulations to Success Now Client Angie Piper on the release of her brilliantly illustrated children's book Eat Cake. After attending Carol Pierce's Self-Publishing Workshop, Angie knew she wanted to make her dream reality. So she hired Carol Pierce to edit and help design Eat Cake. What Angie has written and illustrated is definitely an award-winning book and is already causing people to buy a copy as soon as they see it.

So jump now to gain that know-how, that courage, and that confidence to finally finish the book you also have dreamed of publishing. Be like the professional experts pictured above official NSA Photographer Dov Friedmann captured listening so intently as Wanna Self-Publish Author Carol Pierce presents a Meet the Pros session on Self-Publishing at the National Speakers Association National Convention.

"You want to create a work of superior quality? You want to learn how to sell it and market it yourself? You want a master of her profession on your team? Carol knows grammar, writing, publishing, marketing, and so much more . . .You need to contact Carol Pierce," adds Cajun Expert Alces Adams, author of Not Forgotten, Not Gone.

"'can't put it down,' 'very well-written,' 'fit so many facts in so little space without confusing anyone'. . . Those words would not have been applied to the manuscript I took to her," Adams explains about his working with Publishing Consultant Carol Pierce. "The words are applied to the one I took away from her. Every time I get one of those compliments, she comes to mind."

"I couldn't put it down!" That's how readers continue to describe Success Now client Ann Peltier's book Sometimes God Says No. Find out the real reasons Ann's book sold 500 copies before her first book signing.

Discover what really creates a top quality, professional looking, can't-put-it-down book from someone with over 30 years of real world experience and expertise teaching thousands how to write more effectively.

Learn those little known tips you can only find out by working with a true expert who understands you, your writing, your audience, the quickly-changing publishing industry, and what creates a truly professional quality product readers don't want to put down, regardless of the topic or length!

Contact Success Now today to book Carol Pierce for your group's next program, to have your book professionally edited and designed, and to see samples of Carol's work.

Discover practical, money-saving tips on how to make your book as unique and powerful as Success Now Client Michelle Carley Loup's Nate, the Naughty Gnat. Brilliantly illustrated by Michelle's nine-year-old daughter Chloe, Nate's story helps readers learn how to turn bullying behaviors around and treat people with respect.

"You are such a JOY, and I am always so amazed at how practical you are in your recommendations and how helpful you are..." is how Gibbens Robichaux, author of the delightful children's chapter book MonkeyWorks, describes his experiences working with Louisiana-based Book Publishing Consultant Carol Pierce.

MONKEYWORKS marks the 15th book edited and designed by Carol Pierce that is produced in its entirety using 100 percent Louisiana resources. Read "'Dis Ain't No Monkey Business," the feature article appearing in the January issue of Point of Vue Magazine, to learn more about the book and its fascinating author.

Want to see a partial list of other books for which Carol has been hired as a either a professional editor, book designer, or publishing consultant? click here, scrolling down to Publishing Projects.

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Why Carol Pierce?

Discover why Carol Pierce is called a "Top Gun" for supervisory training programs provided to companies like J. Ray McDermott and Global Industries. Learn why Carol Pierce was selected to serve as a spokesperson for the National Speakers Association Foundation video and for Chez Hope.

Find out why talk show hosts seek Carol Pierce as a guest and keeping asking her back, why her advice has appeared repeatedly in the print media, and why she's been quoted on critical issues in publications ranging from Bermuda's Royal Gazette to Professional Speaker Magazine.

"Your services are invaluable! You hold my feet to the fire, providing me direction, organization, and encouragement," explains Doug Deer, CEO of Pure Web Design, after learning how to turn a highly stressful $7000 business problem into a simple solution bringing more success than he ever imagined possible.

These simple, no-nonsense solutions are guaranteed to bring more success to your business, your organization, and your life. They revolve around the powerful, positive Jump Now philosophy Carol Pierce developed, discusses in Jump Now, Look Later, and is the secret to the successes she and her clients continue to achieve in their businesses and in their lives.

Want to see a partial list of those diverse clients? Click here.

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Come back often to learn about the latest Success Now events, tips, and challenges. Discover Author Carol Pierce's newest jump now and how she can help you make your own!

Success Now Keeps Making the News!

Having trouble sticking to the goals you set for 2014? Read Success Coach Carol Pierce's article Getting Back on Track in the February 2014 issue of Point de Vie magazine.

Discover why Carol Pierce firmly believes the National Speakers Association Foundation is a role model for all organizations in a time of crisis. Click here to see her international film debut as a spokesperson for the NSA Foundation on its video aired at NSA's national conventions and workshops and shared with the world via YouTube. Find out how you can apply what the NSA Foundation does to your own organization.


Need More Concrete Proof The Advice You'll Get Works?

"Open and friendly...I was surprised (when Carol explained) how important trustworthy employees are to a business and what to do to keep them..."

That's how Margaret Brignac describes Jump Now author Carol Pierce and one of her key messages during Carol's opening program for Business Report's 25th Anniversary Biz Tech Expo. ... more

Gain the know-how, the confidence, and the courage to get whatever you REALLY want.

Discover how to apply what over 5 decades of experience, education, and expertise have taught Carol Pierce. Let her share her wisdom with you, your business, or your organization. Find out how to jump now to that personal and professional success and that much happier, less stressful life you so want! Book Carol Pierce today.


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