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Are you looking for a Louisiana-based motivational speaker? A one-on-one success coach? Or someone in Louisiana whose expertise in resume writing is outstanding?

Do you want to hire someone who has over 40 years of experience helping people achieve what they really want...who will provide you practical, cost-effective, eye-opening solutions to the real problems instead of what they falsely appear to be?

Internationally renown management expert Tom Peters remarks, "Carol Pierce offers a philosophy I totally agree with...and she's honed it in the school of hard knocks."

Call 225-474-4923 today to discover how Carol Pierce can help you make that jump now to get what you really want for your business, your organization or your life...

whether it's to communicate more effectively, manage your time more efficiently, be better organized, work better together, or achieve that success which seems so impossible but you know deep down inside can become reality.

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How to Make Your Job Easier: Delivering Better Customer Service" "Spectacular!"..."Down to earth"... "Very knowledgeable"... "Great insight on how guests want to be treated and what we should do to help them"..."Helped me figure out a simpler way to handle situations"..."Reinvigorating"...That's how members of the Louisiana Northshore Hospitality Industry described Carol Pierce's presentations for the Hospitality Seminar recently hosted by the St. Tammany Parish Tourist and Convention Commission.

Contact Success Now today to book Carol Pierce so she can produce the same results for your group.

Do you wonder why you're so frustrated with some part of your professional or personal life? Read "Is It Time to Let Go?" in the current issue of Point de Vie magazine. Discover the two critical questions Success Coach Carol Pierce encourages you to ask yourself. Learn what those signs all around you are really trying to help you see. Find out what you must do to finally alleviate those frustrations.

"You can have all the know-how you want, all the resources you want, and all the motivation you want, but until you have confidence in what you are striving for, it won't do you any good." Carol Pierce, Teaching Success, The Courier.

Louisiana-based Success Coach Carol Pierce can teach you or your organization how to gain that confidence so critical to achieving success. Call 225-474-4923 today to book that motivational presentation, training program, or one-on-one coaching session. Have Carol design a professional quality resume which truly reflects your strengths as she better prepares you to be filled with the confidence needed for that crucial interview.

Or simply order a copy of Jump Now to begin applying the 8 steps designed to help you get whatever you really want.


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