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What Can You Gain from Success Now Programs?

Not only do Success Now presentations qualify for Continuing Education Units, but each is custom designed to meet your specific personal and professional requirements.

Whether you need a radio/television talk show guest, a small group or large group presentation, or one-on-one coaching, Author/Success Coach Carol Pierce meets your request in an interactive, engaging, energizing, fast-paced fashion filled with practical strategies you can implement immediately. You actually employ your first steps toward achieving more of the successes you really want before the program even ends!

Would you like to know the reactions of clients who’ve attended Success Now programs or worked one-on-one with Jump Now Author/Success Coach Carol Pierce over the years? The following is just a sample of the positive comments they've provided, most of which have been completely unsolicited.


Small/large group presentations; Radio/television talk shows

"We can definitely tell that your talk made a difference!"
     Dr. Amy Grayson, Dutchtown Animal Hospital
describing the results her staff was already producing within just a week of the staff development program Carol Pierce provided on Improving Client Relations

" Gosh, those three hours just flew by!" exclaimed one small business owner attending the Effective Business Communications Workshop Carol Pierce presented to budding entrepreneurs.

" Thank you so much for saying what they had to hear! " repeated everyone from the top administrators to the faculty and parents following Carol Pierce's commencement address explaining to graduates of South Louisiana Technical College what employees really want from today's workforce.

"We are indebted to you. Thank you so much . . . the audience (for the EJGH Cancer Survivor Brunch) loved you."
     Stan Maher, CFRE, Executive Director, East Jefferson General Hospital Foundation

"I invited my friend. . .to attend the Cancer Survival Brunch when you were the speaker. . .He read your Jump Now book. . .He really liked reading your book over and over. . .He told me the book came thirty years too late. Please keep speaking and writing because it may not be too late for others."
      Mike Marino, Jr., Professional Speaker

" Open and friendly . . . I was surprised (when Carol explained) how important trustworthy employees are to a business and what to do to keep them. . ."
      Margaret Brignac
describing a key message Carol Pierce emphasized to business owners in Carol's opening presentation for Business Report's Biz Tech Expo

"Carol, you are a natural on either side of the microphone…electrifying with audiences . . . people are energized by your words. You show . . . what courage really looks like . . . your willingness to share your story . . . leads others to their victory . . . you show me how not to be afraid to be who I am . . . I feel compassion and understanding from you. . .you teach others how to love themselves all over again or in some cases for the first time. . . how to take the courageous steps that will improve their lives and many cases, save their lives . . . Your gift is that you are willing to tell it and teach it."
     Monica Pierre, Author/Emmy Award Winning Journalist/host, Quality Time with Monica

". . .Looking forward to your dynamic speech. Given your level of preparation and inquiry, I know that the 4-H agents will be inspired and moved by your message."
     Dr. Janet Fox.
describing working with Jump Now Author Carol Pierce, keynote speaker for the Louisiana Association of Extension 4-H Agents State Conference

". . . speaker was very funny, which helped break the ice and kept the class interested . . . down to earth . . . could understand what she meant and relate to her . . . well prepared . . . paid attention to our comments and questions . . . kept us involved in the discussion . . . asked our opinion"
     John Brunet, Chief Engineer, Global Industries, Ltd.
following the supervisory training program in which he participated

". . .Personal touch specific to my needs. . .lots of information covered in such a short time, but still easy to follow. . .well-versed. . .genuine. . .beams confidence. . I love how my questions were answered in the first couple of hours. . ."
     Attendee evaluation comments for the day-long book publishing workshop Carol Pierce presented for the River Region Art Association

". . . an eye opener . . . truly reality based . . . everyone can identify . . . very enlightening"
     Mona Johnson-Guidry, Case Manager, Office of Family Services

"You deserve so much credit for putting together that wonderful program Monday night . . . you are such a leader . . . inspiring and so positive . . . (made) us all want to get up and run out screaming success..."
     Gibbens Robichaux, South Louisiana musical artist

"The real life elements implemented instead of an out of the book presentation . . ."
     April Dixon, Child Advocate, June Jenkins Womens Shelter

"Your style of delivery wins over the audience from the outset, and one can feel the 'pro-Carol' aura in the room . . . an ability to communicate not many people have . . . complete . . . to the point . . ."
     Dr. Joanne C. Ferriot, Vice President for Student Affairs, Nicholls State University

"Held my attention. Gave me information which can be used in everyday work situations."
     Charles Maggio, Human Resources Administrator, J. Ray McDermott

". . . very upbeat & fast-paced . . . very heartfelt-coming from life experiences. I enjoy being able to contribute to the conversation, and not merely being lectured . . ."
     Monica Falgout, Executive Assistant, Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc.

"I appreciate the easy, simple and practical changes & steps (Carol) suggests. Everyone can do it."
     Sondra Alexander, Case Manager, Louisiana Department of Social Services

". . . inspiring, informative, well presented, timely . . .”
     Hope-Hughes Legendre, author of Boats Away

"You shared valuable information on the issue of domestic violence, and your personal triumph over the issue serves as a ray of hope to others. . .thank you for being an outstanding guest . . ."
     Debra Washington-Gould, Susan Rivers, Co-hosts, Persistence Beats Resistance Every Time

“Thank you for being such a trooper and filling in as the showcase speaker . . . You certainly Jumped in to help the chapter at the now moment . . .
     Sharyn Scheyd, National Speakers Association, New Orleans Chapter President

"Excellent speaker who's been there done this . . . knows it works!"
     Connie Landry, Procurement Coordinator, US Dept. of Interior, Minerals Management Service

". . . very informative, highly motivated & enjoyable . . . a job well done. The notes in the beginning were different! Change, not a word. It was great!"
     Sandy Emerson, Advisory Board of Directors, Louisiana Center for Women and Government, Nicholls State University

"Passionate delivery but not 'maudlin,' very honest, powerful, simple and convincing conclusion."
     Sharon Clarke, House Manager, June Jenkins Womens' Shelter

". . . explained things 'on my level."
     Robert Williamson, Bookstore Manager, Centenary College of Louisiana

"Informal atmosphere. People in attendance could speak freely. Enlightening . . . excellent presentation . . ."
     Dianne Clement, Executive Secretary, Nicholls State University Office for Student Affairs

"Good illustrations w/sticky notes. Audience could relate to material . . ."
     Rebecca Ladnier, Forester, USDA Forest Service

“I found Carol’s session extremely valuable . . . provided some concrete tips with much sincerity and enthusiasm . . .”
     Suzanne Dowd Zeller, Strategic Leadership Resources

". . . very informative . . . practical information that can be applied in everyday situations . . .”
     Melanie Carlos, Lafourche ARC

"(liked) Carol's openness . . . spontaneity . . ."
     Tangular Williams, FEA Supervisor, Energy Section, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

". . . fabulous interactions w/audience; very knowledgeable & amiable"
     Judy Rush, Residential Aide, June Jenkins Womens' Shelter

Good, practical tips on listening skills and techniques . . ."
     John Ford, Human Resources Administrator, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

". . . thank you for my 'new revelation.' I have grown in knowledge and confidence."
     Muriel Madise, author of My Little Christian Alphabet Book


One-on-one Coaching/Consulting (To learn about the amazing results achieved by additional Success Now clients who have continued to apply the Jump Now philosophy and Carol Pierce's recommendations to their businesses, click here to read their Success Stories.)

After gaining the confidence she needed and by applying Carol Pierce's recommendations, one small business client successfully obtained a quarter of a million dollar loan to grow her business to the next level.

Another landed a major consulting contract within a few weeks of applying Carol's advice and re-located his business to where he really wanted to be at an even more affordable price than he thought possible.

Speaker, trainer, and author of Get Off Your Attitude Ryan Lowe sought Carol Pierce's consulting services in 2009, wanting advice on how to get his own business off the ground. When they both were hired as presenters for a recent hospitality industry seminar, Ryan asked Carol Pierce if she would once again accept him as a client. In a follow-up note, he added, “Please keep doing all the great things you are doing for others. People definitely need a great person like yourself in their lives to give them direction to reach their dreams.

Others have been so pleased with the results they've achieved by hiring Success Coach Carol Pierce to help them get what they really wanted that they've remarked:

Thank you so much for your support, especially during the last 3 months...

Thank you for being such a great mentor. . .

You've really kept me pumped up through all this...

“From the first time we met, I felt we had a definite connection. Every time we got together to discuss the progress and what was being accomplished . . . I felt more motivated to go forward. Carol brought out the courage and the confidence in me to become successful. Knowing she saw that in me made it much easier to see it in myself. Carol also showed me my talents . . .”
     Patrick Bradley, Eagle One Consulting

"I cannot thank you enough for all your help in getting my book out of my head and onto paper. This has been an amazing experience for me. I believe God assigned you to me to get the best out of me."
     Janet Lococo, author of Cajun Woman: Pure and Simple

“It was thoughtful of you to offer words of encouragement to me. I read the tips on your website and found them to be informative and helpful . . . thank you for your consideration in boosting Ms. Marion's (Duplantis) new career as a writer . . . truly a wonderful person who deserves the care you undoubtedly give your clients . . . It is a blessing that you are able to inspire and help so many people! Thanks again.”
     Claudine Boquet, artist/illustrator

“I enjoyed our meeting yesterday . . . it feels good just to know that there is someone out there that can give knowledgeable advice to first time local publishers . . . ”
     Linda Corley, author of the Buried Treasure series

“When I contacted Carol Pierce, I had been turned down by two publishers and a publication company. After hearing about my book, she agreed to work with me--before reading a line . . . helped me turn a bare-bones history manuscript into a better book than many I have seen on Cajun or anybody's history. Put Not Forgotten, Not Gone beside a major publisher's book and you will not know which is self-published.

Carol knows grammar, writing, publishing, marketing, and so much more that I ended up engaging the services of much more than just an editor...a babe in the publishing woods . . . now I know my way around that forest. In June 2002, I hired an editor. Two years later, I have an editor, mentor, and a real good friend. You want to create a work of superior quality? You want to learn how to sell it and market it yourself? You want a master of her profession on your team? You need to contact Carol Pierce.”

Alces Adams adds these comments in his note following the release of his book:
“ . . . I've heard words such as "can't put it down," "very well-written," "a lot of research," etc. One person mentioned that she had to take a break at about page 65 to bring her mother to the doctor. And she didn't even get to the interesting part, yet!! Another was almost late for work because she started looking at it for lunch. One person was amazed that I could write so well that I fit so many facts in so little space without confusing anyone. I have to take credit for the research, but the well-writtens and can't-put-it-downs are your doing. Those words would not have been applied to the manuscript I took to you---The words are applied to the one I took away from you. Every time I get one of those compliments, you come to mind.”
     Alces Adams, Cajun expert, Author of Not Forgotten, Not Gone, owner of Swampland Publishing


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