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What false beliefs are holding you, your organization, or your company from success? Do you need help breaking them?

See how these Success Now clients have earned the distinction of becoming Jump Now Success Stories as they continue to apply the Jump Now strategies personally and professionally. As they gain more and more success, many are even helping other Success Now clients in their climb to getting what they really want. Some are even helping Success Now’s Carol Pierce make her dreams reality even sooner and even better than she imagined possible! What can you learn from them?

Yes, You Can Live in Your Home State and Get Paid to Do What You Truly Love to Do - Pershing Wells, Digital Sac-a-Lait Productions
By Carol Pierce, ©2004

May 2003 . . . After this picture was taken by Mary Lynn Plaisance at Joe Barry’s CD release, Pershing Wells commented to Success Coach Carol Pierce, “I’m an unemployed musician playing music part-time for Blue Eyed Soul Review . . . To get paid to do what I truly would love to do full time, I’ll have to move out of state . . .”

Carol Pierce simply responded, "That's not true...You can remain living here in Louisiana to get paid to do what you love!"

Little did Wells realize how true a statement that was...

Today...Pershing Wells’ musical engineering genius continues getting rave reviews nationally for his work on Joe Barry’s final CD and for the truly amazing feat necessary to complete Down That Muddy Road.

Pershing Wells no longer is an unemployed musician, nor does he still play music part-time with BESR. Busy working full time arranging, producing, and recording music in his own 2 story recording studio in Houma, LA as the owner of Digital Sac-a-lait Productions, Wells continues to apply the information from that copy of Jump Now, Look Later he bought the day of Joe Barry’s CD release and went home to read.

Now pursuing a full time musical career in the manner he has always dreamed, Wells affirms his tremendous progress in this message to Success Coach Carol Pierce:

“I'm . . . finishing one client's latest project. I start with another client on Monday for a new album. One client wants more time and so does a second . . . gotta love it when you have more than one client asking for your time...

“It's vital that I be in a positive environment where nothing is impossible . . . I'm doing "impossible" stuff right now . . . I'm producing records in Houma, Louisiana!

As Pershing Wells continues applying those Jump Now strategies personally and professionally, he now refuses to allow false beliefs to hamper his success. Wells not only understands the critical importance creating a positive environment plays in achieving success, but he also knows having teammates who want you to succeed is just as vital.

As a result, Wells is now married to the woman of his dreams who is completely supportive of his work. Another of his seemingly impossible achievements is being invited to be part of a 10 day musical tour of Russia and receiving standing ovations while performing in some of Russia’s greatest concert halls.

Wells’ growing list of clients even includes Success Now’s Carol Pierce. Listen to this audio clip Wells edited of excerpts from Carol’s Houma Live! talk show appearance. Both Pershing Wells and Carol Pierce prove you can live in your home state and be successful getting paid to do what you love to do.

To learn more about how Success Coach Carol Pierce can help you achieve more success, contact Success Now today.

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More Amazing Success Stories Who Continue to Apply the Jump Now Philosophy. . .

No disability, regardless of what it is, can stop you from doing what you really want - Hank Holland, former student and Success Now client featured in Jump Now - Now a nationally renowned folk artist with original paintings hanging in each state of the U.S., in a growing list of countries across the world, and even in the Vatican. Owner of Baby Jane Studios located in his small South Louisiana home town of Lockport, LA

Regardless of how severe the obstacle, true love and a deep faith in God always help you survive - Ann Peltier, author of Sometimes God Says No, which sold 500 copies within just a few weeks of its release simply by word-of-mouth

You are never too old to make your dreams come true - Gaynell Bourgeois Moore, author of I Saved the Best for Last

When you truly listen to your heart, you will have what you really want in ways even better than you ever thought possible - Angie Piper, author and illustrator of the unique children's book, Eat Cake


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