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Jump Now, Look Later: New Ways to Beat YOUR Fears
by Carol Pierce
     Sold Out!

Are you afraid to . . .

     Make that major career move?
    Begin that new business?
    Leave that bad relationship?
    Face those professional and personal changes you know must be taken?

Read what Mike Marino has to say:

Dear Carol,
. . . my friend Phil . . . read your book (Jump Now, Look Later) six times.


Phil has throat cancer…His wife died of cancer…He has two sons…one is a state policeman . . . the other is a fire fighter . . . Phil is not the type to brag about anything . . . Phil is tough love. Very serious . . .

He gave me your book and said with authority, "Read this Mike . . . This is good stuff . . . you have to read the book over and over until you get the message.”

I was shocked! I could not believe this was the Philip that I know so well. I told him that I would read the book and return it as soon as I could . . .
He told me not to bring it back until I read it three or four times.

I read it once, so far . . .
Phil is tough love. I better listen!
     Mike Marino, Human Relations Consultant


How can you, your business, or your organization overcome these fears blocking your path to success?

Would you like to experience:

     More riches
     More happiness
     More peace
     More success

Order this quick, easy-to-read book today to discover the 8 Jump Now steps which allow internationally known entrepreneur / success strategist Carol Pierce, her clients, and all who apply these steps to now have such a better personal life and more successful businesses.

Discover how to turn negative situations in your life, in your business, or in your organization into more pleasant, more productive, more successful ones.

" . . . Jump Now, Look Later . . . inspirational and exactly what I needed to hear as I continue my life-long dream of doing what I love. . . I recommend it . . . especially to those who feel life is going nowhere.”
     Pershing Wells, recording artist, song writer, arranger, producer, Digital Sac-a-Lait Productions

Do like Pershing Wells . . . let Jump Now help you find out what you really want, how badly you want it, and how you can apply the 8 steps to get it!

“ . . . (Jump Now, Look Later) . . . hit me right between the eyes! 'Determine How Badly You Want It' . . . You wrote that for me, didn’t you?”
Marianne Frederick, CEO, WorkPlay, Inc.

How badly do you want to overcome those fears paralyzing and preventing you, your company, or your organization from achieving the success you really deserve?

Is it a fear of

     Heights, water, or snakes
     Change or the unknown
Speaking before groups or speaking up
     Cancer, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or any other life- altering disability, or even death itself
     Being alone or losing someone you love
     Pursuing the work you really love, starting your own business, or running for political office
     Obtaining that education you really desire or not feeling educated enough
     Transferring to another location or moving back
     Being different, not being accepted, not being loved, or being loved
     Being a failure
     Being a success

Using actual, real-life experiences, Jump Now reveals how Carol Pierce and twelve other everyday people surmount these and many other fears that continued to appear in their lives. Learn how you can do like them . . . gain the confidence and the courage to conquer those fears and those false beliefs preventing you, your company, or your organization from achieving whatever you really want.

Jump Now, Look Later is inspiring me to think positively about my future . . . Your book has renewed my spirit . . . and cleansed me with hopefulness
     Claudine Boquet, Art Instructor, Council on Aging

See what readers are saying about Jump Now.

Jump Now, Look Later: New Ways to Beat YOUR Fears - ISBN: 0-9662717-0-X -- Book -- Sold out!

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Wanna Self-Publish? Here's How:
9 Steps to Create a Successful Book and Simple Tips to Get You There

by Carol Pierce

     Sold Out!

Do you have an idea for a book you have started and never finished?

Would you like to finally publish that book, but you are not sure what way to go to get it published?

Wanna Self-Publish can take you from where you are in the creation process and guide you through the publishing and marketing of your book. Discover simple strategies you can start implementing as you browse through this short, easy-to-follow reference tool. Find out the real facts about publishing that so few realize.

Written in a quick-to-read, outline format, Wanna Self-Publish is a valuable tool that helps you:

    Get "unstuck"
    Save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes
    Create a professional-looking product more efficiently
    Discover effective marketing techniques
    Break false beliefs holding back your publishing success

Learn the do's and don'ts to creating a top-quality book. Discover the many valuable resources available to help you become a publishing success. This practical handbook is a must for anyone considering self-publishing.

Wanna Self-Publish provides the real truths and breaks the many false myths which abound concerning becoming successfully published. Yes, its chapters help you find out:

     Do I REALLY Want to Self-Publish?
     Where Do I Start Writing?
     How Do I Develop a Well Written Manuscript?
     What Creates an Effective Title?
     What Makes a Great Cover?
     What Parts Must Be Included in My Book?
     Who Needs to Be on My Publishing Team?
     How Do I Get My Book Published?
     How Do I Entice People to Buy My Book (and Read It)?

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Exceptional Accomplishment:
Co-author: Carol Pierce, M.Ed.

No longer available

"Are there changes you would like to implement in your department or your organization? Are you considering switching careers to pursue your true passion? Are you contemplating beginning your own business? What do you want to accomplish? Why don't you have it yet? Why are you procrastinating?" asks Carol Pierce in Exceptional Accomplishments.

Is procrastination really bad? Discover why Success Strategist Carol Pierce says it is not . . . that procrastination can actually help you become even more successful even quicker!

Learn how to break those false beliefs about procrastination that hamper your success.


     Why you really procrastinate
     How to use procrastination to propel you to achieving more instead of less
     What eight steps can help you get whatever you really want personally and professionally without the guilt associated with procrastination

Learn how to create a life filled with Exceptional Accomplishments of your own. Learn how to let go of the guilt and replace it with

    More confidence
     More courage
     More success!

Discover those proven strategies that Carol Pierce, along with seventeen other top consultants, trainers, and speakers from across the United States, share to help you jump now get more of the successes you really want. As you apply these practical ideas, they will help simplify your life and allow you to accomplish more with less frustration.

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Product Testimonials

Jump Now Testimonials

Is Jump Now, Look Later really worth reading?????

“Carol Pierce offers a philosophy I totally agree with--and she’s honed it in the ‘school of hard knocks.”
     Tom Peters, Business Leadership Guru, author of The Circle of Innovation and The Pursuit of WOW!

(Jump Now, Look Later) will be a help to many and is born of your struggle and determination to live a life to the fullest even in the face of all that wants to destroy life. Most of all, it is a sign of God’s grace at work in you.”
     Abbott Justin Brown, Saint Joseph’s Abbey

“Your book is a testament to your courage and your willingness to take "action.”
     Mark LeBlanc, Small Business Success, author of Growing Your Business

“I really enjoyed your book. It is to the point and provides inspiration for anyone who is at a crossroads in their life.”
     Rebecca Tucker, Director of Development, Nicholls State University

“Thank you on behalf of all the people who will read your book and find the path they need to do what they have to do to be happy.”
     Susan Serigny, Administrator, Lafourche Parish School System

“I’ve just read your whole book . . . a ‘good read,’ very practical advice, easy to understand and apply . . . 'I visualized you ‘hatching down’ on that snake . . . I laughed so loudly because I could envision your petite body with an oversized hoe in your hands vigorously chopping upon this dreaded, monstrous snake-----like something you'd see in the movies . . . I pictured you as ‘Superwoman’ at that point! When you won the battle, I cheered, ‘GO CAROL !!!’”
     Celeste Folse Pellegrin, actress, author of the forthcoming book, Mysteries from Heaven

What a page turner . . . I am recommending your book to all my friends. It should be required reading . . .
     Mary Kay Kurzweg, author of 21 Days to a Healthy 21st Century Attitude

“Carol has a tremendous story to tell. She survived multiple disasters and has grown from every one of them. She tells you about this growth process in her book, which is one all of us can incorporate in our lives . . . some powerful stories . . . Do yourself a favor and read Jump Now, Look Later.”
     Larry Cole, PhD, President, PeopleMax, Inc, author of Measure Behavior Change to Maximize the Impact of People Skills Training

This little book has big impact! I have shared it with many people who say it inspired them to take action.”
      Arlene LeBlanc Broussard, Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

“I enjoyed reading your book. It’s powerful.”
     Debra Gould, author of Sisters Together

What a word of encouragement to many people!
     Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE, author of The Art of the Fresh Start, Past President, National Speakers Association

If I had not read (Jump Now) I would not have had the vision and self-confidence to go after my dreams . . . to have a successful bed and breakfast business, to be a successful published author and to retire from teaching by the age of 50 (five years from now).
“After reading Carol's book I realized that I was just like the people she had written about before they started thinking positively. I, too, had been thinking of all the reasons I couldn't do what I wanted to do instead of coming up with ways I could. I, too, was afraid of failure and of disappointing certain people in my life. I, too, lacked self-confidence and thought negatively instead of positively. I, too, felt my job had become a dreaded place I had to be at instead of a fulfilling career. The morning after reading "Jump Now, Look Later" I woke up with fresh ideas of how I could achieve all three of my dreams and each one would play a part in the accomplishment of the other.
“Now I can see a visual map in my head of everything I need to do to make all the dots connect and I am so excited about getting started on my future. I hope two years from now, not five, I can say I am living my dreams and I owe it all to Carol and her book.”
     Pam Villagran, author of Why Was I Born Last?

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